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September 11, 2006


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Jordan Hydro

Love is fair garden and marriage a field of nettles.


Ahh, that's right. You're on the rainy side of the BI. Hawaii Kai is very dry and you NEED to water or many plants wouldn't survive.

As for the macro shots, does your (digital?) camera have a macro mode? Most do. It's usually that button or menu item selection with the FLOWER (Tulip) icon. Get in close and wait for the camera's autofocus to lock then snap. Usually you have to press the shutter half way for the focus to lock. Also, turn off the flash; in most cases it gets over-exposed with the flash on. I always take several shots of the subject then choose the best one to post-edit in Photoshop. Sometimes what I see in the camera's LCD preview screen doesn't look how it appears full-size on the computer monitor.

Colorful and highly detailed subjects such as flowers and general garden greenery usually do well in macro (close-up) shots.

I usually keep my web photos no larger than 700 pixels wide (with most at 400 pixels) to conserve on server space (I host my own).

I believe photography is equally as important as the journalism when it comes to telling a story or blogging in general.

I think your blog photos look great! I like the presentation touch with the hibiscus flower on the poi dish.

BTW, my mother is originally from Kohala and my dad from Hilo. They both graduated from Hilo High, then moved to Oahu.


Aloha Pomai!

Great job on your blog entry about your garden!! I loved the OutBack play on words.

I too make the Hawaii chile pepper water and the chile pepper jelly!
A friend gave me another recipe for the peppers using liliko'i, which I tried not too long ago. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures, but will next time.

As you know, I live just north of Hilo so we get more rain than your mom does.......but yes, when we go a day or so without rain, I love going out there and watering....it is therapy of sorts!

Mahalo for dropping by again and commenting!



When I seen your photo of the Hawaiian Chili Pepper tree, I thought about all the wonderful things growing in mom's backyard, including that.

Your journal about gardening inspired me yesterday to take some photos of what we've got growing and post about it today. You can check it out here: http://tastyisland.wordpress.com/2006/10/24/whats-growing-out-back/

It's interesting how you build and organize each variety in its own wood-framed bed with newspaper on the bottom.

Are you "addicted" to watering your garden? My mother is. lol It's like relaxation therapy for her. She'll stay out and water the yard for over an hour every morning and evening like clockwork.

Your garden journal is very inspirational in encouraging folks to grow their own crops. Mahalo!

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