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October 30, 2006


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Sanda, I have never used Splenda when making the liqueur so have no idea if it gives it a different taste or not. Since Splenda has brown sugar now, and it does taste like the 'real thing' I would assume you can. Especially since the liquid is not boiled but only heated enough to steam.

Let me know if you try it and how it turns out.


Sounds really good; by any chance can you use Splenda instead of sugar? I’m going to be making some fancy bottle bags for the holidays. I don’t have decorative bottles.


Hi, Gret. Yes, this one is a bit different than an earlier version I used to make. I like it. BTW, I should also have mentioned in the article that the amount of vodka can be reduce and use an equal amount of dark rum for the coffee liqueur. Jamaican dark rum is especially a bit 'sweeter', if you know what I mean.

As to the use of glycerine, it acts as a food preservative and also gives liqueurs that are (due to their nature a bit thinner, giving them a bit more body or 'viscousness'. Makes it a bit smoother, like when you sip on B&B or Drambuie......

They recommend never use more than 1 tablespoon per quart. I find that 1 teaspoon for this amount of liquid is perfect.


Sonia, This is a little differnet from the one we used to make. It sounds great and I will try it. It is even good on ice cream, especially chocolate or coffee. What is the purpose for the glycerine?


Thank you, Sarah, it is..........!
I have in the past used this coffee liqueur when making a Tiramisu dessert...Delish!

Sarah HB

Sounds good to me!!!

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