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December 18, 2006


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Very well written and thanks for such an excellent description. “Truly, a recipe for success.”


;-))) Susan, most restaurant flan recipes are not to my liking.....too thin or watery to my taste. This recipe will result in a flan that is dense, but light.....smooth and very creamy! Easy to make to boot! Enjoy!!!!

Susan Billie Taylor

I have this saying "If it's not chocolate, why bother?" Then, I ate flan. Sonia, I will have to try this recipe. It reads and looks like a winner. Thank you!


Yes, same recipe, Gret! why mess with perfection?!


I will make this one. I think I have taste this one before, if you are still using the same recipe.


here is what you want flan


here is your flan


Thank you, Kelli! This one in particular turned out deliciously silky smooth! Not one air bubble!


Sonia, this looks so, so good! And beautiful presentation!

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