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May 23, 2007


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Rerto Jordans

Most people garden for pleasure. Do you think so ?


Aloha John!
I have always heard it called Cuban or Caribbean oregano. Sometimes Mexican Oregano, but I had never heard it called Thai. Mine is varigated, but it also comes in the shade you mention.

I have it planted in a sunny spot, but beneath a palm tree. It likes to have sun or partial. If you plant it in the shade it will get very scraggly. At the moment, mine is doing beautifully and is mounding nicely.

No, no volcanic sand where I live. Thank goodness we have very nice and deep soil in our area, but I have a friend growing amazing herbs in pockets of volcanic rocks.

Thank you so much for reading and your comments about my site. I enjoy playing with it very much!

John Norris

I just bought a plant that was labeled "Thai Oregano." It looks and sounds similar to the Cuban Oregano You have pictured here. My plant is solid green- sort of minty or light emerald. I have done searches for Thai & Oriental Oreganos but haven't had any luck finding info until I found Your page. If anyone knows what growing conditions mine might prefer, I'd appreciate You sharing information.

I love Your page here!! I envy You. I pay quite a bit for volcanic sand down here in North Texas but I imagine You can get it for a song in Hawaii!
John Norris


Thank you Richard....funny you should say that....all of a sudden, yesterday we discovered "something" is affecting the lemon basil and we have no idea what it is!!!

As soon as it gets light enough out there, I will be going out to check on it this morning!


From one Hawaiian farmer to another. It is the natural state of things that the jungle will reclaim whatever it can. Your plants are remarkably free of insect pest damage. You must have healthy friendly insects. Good to see you back.

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