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August 09, 2008


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I was introduced to Lilikoi in awhaii when we were visiting my husbands family. I've become so obsessed with it, that when his family ships us boxes of lilikoi butter and jelly I hoard it then forget about it! This will be a perfect recipe for the jars of jelly that i have!


I'm not sure, Sandra
I usually make my own. Look at the recipe in the blog post above....


Where can I buy some lilikoi pepper jelly?


Heather, I have! My friend Lizby makes them....thanks for reading and commenting!


Check out lilikoi bars, a version if lemon bars, it's super good


Aloha Sharon, mahalo for the comment and the suggestion of using the juicer. I don't have one so I use the 'old fashioned' method ;-)
Amazing how many things can be done with liliko'i, isn't it?

Sharon Ottaviano

I have just started collecting and juicing lilikoi from a nearby vacant lot. I have a Jack Lalane Champion juicer that separates the seeds for me. It's so much easier doing it with the juicer that I thought I should share that tip with you. Up until now I've only made P.O.G.(passionfruit, orange, guava) juice. Thanks for sharing your recipes so now I can try to make something different with the lilikoi.
Sharon - Kailua Kona, HI


Hi, Lori....no, these are not as large as grapefruit. They are about the size of a large lemon. I'm not sure what fruit you are referring to called passionfruit where you live, but there are several varieties of passionfruit.


MMMMMM the recipes and suggestions sound delicious.
The pepper jelly is definitely something I'd really like.
These look about the size and color of grapefruit, when ripe in your pictures.
Here we have what they call a passion fruit but it doesn't resemble what you have at all.
I'm wondering if they are considered the same?
Thanks, Sonia for another wonderful article and Hawaiian experience!


I wonder why its not available in your area fresh, Devany.. if you grow citrus, which I know you do, you should be able to grow liliko'i there.
Anyway, you will be growing some of your own here soon enough...
Thanks for reading and the comment!

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