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November 14, 2009


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Thank you, Nancy...I was quite pleased with the two of the banana bloom especially.
You might not have nanners growing up there, but you have other things we can't grow here...so it balances out, I guess LOL


Sonia, these photos are amazing! It's a delight to be able to see these up close and personal as there's certainly nothing like this around here. What a wonderfully abundant tree they are.


You're probably right about the wind and amount of soil at the "View". Hopefully your nanners will eventually grow and start producing...we are limiting ourselves (mostly) to dwarf trees, although we have a regular size Cuban Red that has never shown a blossom much less any bananas.

Lucy Jones

I have several banana trees here in "The View" but it's taken then about 3 years to get up to 2 feet tall. In Pahala, and on Guam where I lived for a number of years, they grew so much faster. I guess I'll eventually have bananas here, but they seem impossibly slow growing. Too much wind and not enough soil, I suspect.


Sarah, the banana bread is delicious....try it. It is bread, not like the usual cake-like canana bread we're used to.

Banana blossoms get to be a common sight after a while, but I thought this one was remarkable and it was HUGE!

Lucy, thank you! Can you not grow them at HOVE? I just loved the results of the photo taken of the blossom from the inside...

Sarah H

Yum on the banana bread!

The photos are gorgeous. I have never seen banana blossoms before.

Lucy Jones

I love these pictures, Sonia! When I lived in Pahala, I had several banana trees in my back yard and one of my greatest thrills was to watch the tiny fingers start to form and fill out. Thanks so much for these pictures!
Lucy at lavalily.com

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