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April 01, 2010


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Thank you so much, Debbie. That must be the old teacher in me that keeps plugging away.... ;-)


I love your blog. I learn so much from your posts and all the food you make looks divine! Keep blogging


Mahalo for commenting, Noel....when there is not a lot of room we need to be innovative.....!


aloha sonia,

thats a fantastic post on growing your own and showing us how to do just that in hawaii...thanks for sharing


Oh, how wonderful to hear! I hope to see photos in Gather!


What a wonderful and extremely practical garden Sonia. I am happy to announce that my first pineapple experiment has finally resulted in two small but beautiful pineapples.


Compost is like gold, isn't it? We're also working on our own compost pile now...hopefully will not need any store bought soon...


Sonia, it looks like paradise! I miss my composter when I see these pictures.

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