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May 21, 2010


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Aloha, Barbara, I have no idea of how to find the person both you and Jacque are looking for. I only attended the cooking class offered by Donna and her sous chef Rebecca. To get in touch with Donna Maltz, please click on the live link on her name at the top of the post.

Barbara Taylor

I saw the comment from Jacque Roberts. I'm also looking for a man named "Eugene I Eglevsky" who was part of a study group in the mid 1970s in the San Francisco bay area. The group was interested in studying metaphysics and spiritual subjects, lead by a woman named Sarah Chambers (now deceased). I was friend of Sarah. I would love to be touch with Eugene if anyone knows how to reach him today. He sounds like the man described by Jacque and others who were in that study group, as a "traveler" (someone who loves to travel and see new sights) and he would be about 72 today (2012).


Aloha Jacque
I don't know how to reach Rebecca directly so will contact chef Donna and ask her to have Rebecca to get in touch with you.
I have your e-mail so they can contact you.

Jacque Roberts

Hi Rebecca,
I am wondering if you were originally from Homer Alaska? If so,I would like to speak with you about a traveler I met in 1978. He was Yarlslov Eugene Igor Eglevsky ("Blueberry Gene"). He imprinted me on a culture that he sampled in Homer. Now I am reviewing via a book about a gentleman named Brother Assiaha. Gene did not tell me much about Brother Assiaha, but he sure wanted to marry the lovely Rebecca. He would be 72 now if he is still alive. Just curious.
Regards, Jacque Roberts


Click on the link in Chef Donna's name and contact her about future classes


I'd be interested to know of any future cooking classes. Sounded fun.

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