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August 26, 2010


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That's an all around amazing blog post!!!


Anna, thank you for your comment and request. I don't sell the cacao pods or nibs - I attendeed a workshop offered by someone who does. You can contact Tom Sharkey at the e-mail address I provided above to send him the request.
Thank you and good luck!


I am an Art Teacher doing a lesson on Chocolate. I would really like to get two cacao pods as well as some nibs, beans, butter etc.
Can I purchase these from you? I want kids to see something other than pictures or a video on it.


Tom offers these workshops periodically....maybe you can attend one


Thank you for such a great description of the process, Sonia! I'm envious! :)


Yes, it is, Portia....I feel very lucky to be able to experience so many exciting and different things - especially all the foodie related ones - available to us here....This workshop was a lot of fun and Tom made it more so!

Portia Little

Of course anything to do with chocolate is interesting to me! I enjoyed reading about the process and lucky you, Sonia, to live so close to chocolate in the making.


It is a fairly easy process if you're set up for it and with the right equipment, Sarah...of course, we did only what we could in a day, but Tom already had beans in different stages to show us each step as we went along... I wouldn't mind doing this again... ;-)

Sarah H

It looks so easy on your blog!

I bet it tastes great.

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