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November 07, 2010


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Jenny P

Thank you Sonia. I was looking for instructions, how to, for my class of 11th grade Plants and Animals of Hawaii students, and found this website. This is perfect to show in class. We are going to try our hand at making wreaths next week. I got some straw wreath bases at Ben Franklin crafts. Many students will be bringing in ti leaves and I have a few who live in upper Kaumana and claim to have good gathering places for the other plants. I will also send a link of your site to one of the mom's who asked about homework so her child will also be able to bring in plant material. Happy holidays!


Aloha Ann!
When I lived in the Carolinas I used to make wreaths with holly - my fingers looked like pincushions for the holidays ;-)
I loved making them also with magnolia leaves and use the seed pods from the magnolia and also cover wreaths with Spanish moss and decorate them with live camellias....
They were so gorgeous!

Ann Wurden

Sonia, the wreath is lovely!! I used to make wreath out of holly in WA State for the holidays and YES lots of work gathering the materials. I agree to look at the different materials from other area is cool!


Nancy, they can be a lot of work due to the labor (getting the permit, driving to the sites, picking - and sometimes the weather does not cooperate too well up there while picking ;-)
......but they are so pretty, I just love making them!
Thank you, for commenting....I'm glad you liked it!

Nancy in NY

What a gorgeous wreath! You really did a spectacular job on that one. I wouldn't sell it either! I make wreaths some years from evergreens (here in New York state), but it's fascinating to look at all the different plant materials you have used that I've never seen before. All of the bits of red really make it festive.


Mahalo, Kamalei....they aren't hard to do at all....and they can be fun when you make them with a couple of other people!
Everyone can start using the same materials and yet no two will make them alike!


So beautiful! Thanks for sharing this. I've always wanted to learn and now I feel like I can try it.


LOL, Sarah!
Come to Hawai'i and we can make them together....
I was asked yesterday how much I would sell that wreath for and I said I wouldn't! They take some work...from going up the mountain and picking to the finished product!

Sarah H

Feel free to send one to me! ;-) They are gorgeous.

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