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February 05, 2012


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Aloha, Sunserene...I would love to open a cooking school again and yes, have a garden associated with it. We have talked about it (my son and I) many times...there are many reasons why we jsut can't do it at this time... Looking forward to seeing you at the Kino'ole market and buy your microgreens next time I'm there!

sunserene quevedo

have you ever thought of making another cooking school. i would love to help do it. you could even do a little gardening with the children. they could use the food they grow to make their recipes. btw this is sunserene quevedo the girl that won the taste of puna. and thanks for the interesting articles and pictures. i am pleased to be to announce that i will be selling my homegrown microgreens at the kinoole farmers market.


Thankyou for this blog - love it, love it. I have tried everything from the eggs to the ptelnoa and look forward to the new recipes when they come out!!


Thank you, Portia! I do have a lot of memories and a few funny stories (some not sure I will tell...;-)
There is a lot of material that needs to be tamed before I can even think about how I'm going to go about putting it together!

Portia Little

Sonia, i think your wonderful memories of the inn and cooking classes would make a truly memorable cookbook. Good luck putting it together, and of course i want one!

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