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April 22, 2013


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Thank you, Mary!
As I say above, to me the rum gives it much more depth and smoothness. After making the vanilla extract with rum I've never gone back to using vodka. Bourbon also gives a very nice finish, but I still prefer the dark rum.

I love your blog. You're so creative and share so many fun ideas.


Oh to have vanilla beans readily available! I wouldn't have thought to use rum and it would have never occurred to me to reuse the bean that was in the extract for sugar either!

Thanks for the tips and all your visits Sonia!


Mahalo for your comment Shar...it is very potent (full-bodied), but at the same time it is nice and smooth. I have made it with vodka in the past but after trying with the rum, I am a convert!


aloha it looks mighty potent :)

A friend gave me a bottle of homemade vanilla extract over 10 years ago it was a bottle of vodka with about 6 vanilla beans in it. Ive added a few more pods and vodka since.

If you wanted to you could make alot more extract to share :)

The flavor I get from my extract is very fragrant and strong .

thank you for sharing your ideas .

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