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June 25, 2013


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Sonia (foodiesleuth)

My favorite sauce, Lucy!
Last week I had about 13 tomatoes I was afraid would spoil while we were gone to the Mango Fest on Kona side this weekend, so I roasted them with only onions and some stick oregano leaves sprinkled over them - them a bit of sea salt and olive oil...no carrots of garlic this time, and froze it in bags. When I get ready to use them I will add more seasonings and garlic, etc...


I have been wanting to make something like this, Sonia. I really don't like too many of the store bought sauces. Looks delicious!

Sonia (foodiesleuth)

No need for a lot of them, Gail...but of course, it is easier to make a larger batch and store than several smaller ones!


Mmmmm Sonia! I will make this next time I can get my hands on a whole lot of tomatoes.

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